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  • po — pods, pod

Setting up alias and autocompletion with alias

alias k=kubectl

source <(kubectl completion bash | sed ‘s/kubectl/k/g’)

View current context

kubectl config current-context

Core Concepts

Set image of pod nginx : image name is nginx and correct value is nginx

k set image po nginx nginx=nginx

Force delete a pod

K delete po nains -n mynamespace — grace-period=0 — force

Verbosity level of information: level — v=0 till — v=9

k get po nginxtag — v=9

Get custom columns in pod summary. Notation is similar to jsonpath notation. File can also be used with custom-columns-file

kubectl get po -o=custom-columns=”, POD_STATUS:.status.containerStatuses[].state”

Get pod field details using jsonpath notation. File can also be used with jsonpath-file

K get po -o=jsonpath=“$.spec.containers[].name”

Sort pod summary by name

k get po — sort-by=”{}”

Sort pod summary by timestamp

k get po — sort-by=.metadata.creationTimestamp

Logging and Debugging

Get log dump of a pod

k logs

Tail logs of a pod or follow logs

k logs -f

Get logs of a container in multi container pod

k logs -c

Get previous logs of a container

k logs -c — p

Node and pod meterics. Below commands only run if metric server is installed.

k top po nginx — containers k…

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